I began piano study with Marie Zabriskie when in third grade, adding organ study when a freshman in high school. During my high school years I began teaching children piano and have continued doing to for the past thirty years.

I particularly enjoy working with young children who have had no prior musical training. It is a joy to watch them grow at the keyboard, learning the fundamentals of notes on the staff, clefs, note and rest values, rhythm. melodic and harmonic intervals, tempo and dynamic markings and key signatures, while imparting a sense of interpretation and sensitivity to key touch and sound.

Learning to play the piano can give a child great happiness, opening up a whole new world that they can ultimately explore for themselves with a sense of security and accomplishment.

Adult beginners are also welcome. It is never too late to learn to play. Once learned, musical skills stay with you for life.. Like riding a bicycle, they can always be dusted off and enjoyed again even if not used for a period of time.

Education: Degree in Organ Performance from Westminster Choir College. Summer Study at Merton College, Oxford, England.

Professional Life: Associate of The Practitioners of Musick, Princeton, NJ

Professional Affiliations: Member of Piano Teachers’ Forum of Central New Jersey; The American Guild of Organists.